A world-class website can transform your business

We include everything you need and nothing you don’t. Bold design and powerful back-end technology included standard.

 We believe there are 8 critical components of every successful website launch. Without these a website will fail to be productive, a half-measure that reduces the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

We include all 8 of these critical components in a solution we call Pro Websites.

Pro Websites are packed with powerful features

Every Pro Website we build includes these standard features, no additional charge.

Bespoke design

To communicate your business’s unique strengths you need a unique design, not a generic template. We tailor your website to your exact needs and goals so customers can quickly see what makes you different.

professional OnSite Photography

Great photography is crucial for a great website. We include an on-site photography session to authentically capture your business, products, and people at their best.

Optimized for search engines

Placing well in search engines like Google is necessary to reach new customers. We use cutting edge strategies and techniques to help you stand out for competitive keywords.

Responsive design for mobile

At every step of the process we’re optimizing for mobile visitors. Every site we build is fully responsive and works great on any device, including phones and tablets.

Security & Privacy controls

We bake 100% encryption into every website we create, keeping your and your customers’ information private.

We also keep you compliant with evolving laws around cookies and privacy.


Professional copywriting

When trying to communicate your message, you need clear language. We work with professional copywriters that write persuasive text that drives your website visitors to action. 

Email Marketing campaigns

Use your website to collect email addresses from your visitors. Easily segment these potential customers and send email campaigns right to their inbox.

We’ll keep you compliant with laws and regulations when sending bulk emails.

Articles & Blog authoring

Attract new audiences by sharing your expertise on your website. Our easy to use CMS blog function allows you to write articles to keep your customers engaged, and to produce relevant content search engines are looking for. 

What to expect when you buy a Pro Website

You provide the problems and context, we’ll deliver the finished product. Here’s what a standard deployment timeline looks like for a Pro Website.

Week 1



We’ll get together to talk about your goals, challenges, and customers. We’ll ask some probing questions but mostly just listen at this point.

Once we decide your website message and functions, we’ll prepare a Scope Document that outlines our shared expectations.

Week 2

Media Creation


We’ll schedule our photographer to visit your business at a time that works best for your daily operations. We’ll focus on getting shots that communicate the message decided in the kickoff meeting.

If on-site photography isn’t needed, we’ll use this time to create the header illustrations and animations in place of feature photography.

Week 3

Layout & Design


We’ll work together to collect sales or product materials including anything you might already have – product lists, diagrams, brochures, copywriting, brand guides, etc.

Our designers will create a wireframe (simplified mockup) of the site so you can see the design direction and user interactions. This helps prevent miscommunication and lets you provide input before code development starts.

Weeks 4 & 5



Our developers get to work coding the underlying functions and integrating the chosen CMS framework.

We run the site through end-to-end test scripts to ensure everything is working prior to go-live.


Week 6


Go Live

Once testing is complete, we launch the site. We can work with you to schedule this date around a marketing push. We’ll also deliver a User Manual along with your new website that documents the features and instructions.

That’s it. You now have a brand new modern website that not only makes your business more efficient, it also attracts new customers. 

How we price your new website

If you’ve been researching a new website you’ll know how rare it is to see actual prices listed online. Most agencies will only discuss pricing on their terms after they’ve probed your budget. But we hate haggling. That’s why we’re going to break from tradition and just be transparent about our pricing.

We have experience deploying these optional features where needed:

Ecommerce Stores

Scheduling & Appointments

Membership Enrollment

Payment Processing

Database Integration

Chatbots & Live Chat

User Forums

Donation Acceptance

Logos & Branding


Employee Applications

Frequent questions about Pro Websites

We know there's a lot to consider with a new website. Here are some questions we frequently get from other customers going through the same thing.


Do these prices cover everything?

Yes. It covers everything to deploy your website with all features listed above.

Complex integrations (like ecommerce sales, database integrations, membership billing, etc) are considered optional. We'll provide pricing for those items when we understand your needs. 

Every cost will be itemized in the Scope Document and agreed on before any work begins or payment is made. This cost is a guaranteed "Not To Exceed" cost so you can be sure there won't be any budget surprises. 

Why are you so expensive?

The process to build a Pro Website takes time. Getting it right requires detailed planning and expertise across a wide range of technical areas. In the end, you get a tool that perfectly fits your business like a glove.

Buying a high-end website isn't just a business expense, it's an investment that fuels your long term growth.

Why are you so cheap?

We get this question too. We're able to provide premium work without the big agency price because all work remotely. We don't have large overhead or building rents factored into our prices.

Why should I get a Pro Website when templated sites from Wix and Squarespace cost less?

Their low fees sound compelling but we think you'll be disappointed by the real costs.

First, it takes a lot of your time. If you've ever tried to thoughtfully capture your marketing strategy on paper, you'll know how much time it takes to get that right. Then plan the layouts, do the copywriting, create the graphics, figure out the photography, and work through the technical issues at each step. 

Click around through Squarespace's help topics to get a sense of the issues you'd need to deal with. Most business owners are savvy enough to figure these things out, but every hour spent fixing image alignment bugs is an hour not spent growing your business elsewhere. 

The other complaint we hear from customers looking to get away from these services is that their business just doesn't fit into a generic template. One size never fits all. Your products and services are unique. Your value proposition is unique. When we build a website around your specific strengths, we're able to create an authentic and compelling story that drives your customers to action.

My nephew is real good with computers, can't he build me a site?

We're sure your nephew has a bright future ahead of him. We got our start tinkering around on the web when we were young too.

But when you put your name on something and share it with the world, you want that name to be protected. Many of our customers came to us because their old site was embarrassing them. Some were outdated and broken. Some got infected with malware and were delisted from search results. Some looked like they were made by an amateur and didn't reflect the brand they were trying to cultivate.

You have high expectations for your business and your website should be no different. We share those high expectations. Every site we deliver meets demanding technical and design standards so you can have a site that you're proud to show off.

Cash flow is tight right now, are there any lower price options?

We know it's tough finding dollars for marketing when you're working through a cash crunch .

If you already have a website we might be able to do a "redesign in place." We don't do anything other than redesign the existing graphic elements. Think of it as a reskin. This could be a great option if you have a functional and well-developed website that just looks stale and old.

Another option is to subscribe to our Autopilot service. If you agree to a 24 month commitment we'll waive the upfront cost for a Pro Website. You get a free website plus the services of Autopilot, all with monthly payments that are easier to manage.

When do I have to pay?

We collect 50% at the beginning when the Scope Document is signed. We collect the remaining 50% when the site is done. Once final payment is received we'll move the site from its temporary location and reveal it to the world.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We understand the apprehension that comes when making a decision in an area where you're not an expert. That's why we're happy to provide customer references for you to call and ask candid questions about the process.

If you have concerns that we're not on the same page by the time we provide the wireframe mockup (step 3 in the deployment), you're free to walk away without any further payment obligation. That reduces your risk by half, plus you get some great photographs. However no customer has ever taken us up on that offer. We have a long track record of working through differences to keep our customers happy. 


Do you really come out to my business to take pictures?

Yes. We think your website should be an accurate reflection of your business. It's tough to do that with only stock photos so we come to you and capture your unique story.

The right photography is critical to an authentic website so we consider it a necessary part of any successful deployment. 

If I don't want on-site photography, is the cost lower?

No. Since websites are visual, if you don't want to use photography from your business we'll need to come up with something else to serve that purpose. We typically fill that gap with custom illustrations or captivating animations that communicate your brand and message. Those graphic elements take just as much time, if not more, than the on-site photography session.

How long will it take to make my website?

It depends on how quickly you can get things back to us, but a typical implementation for a Pro Website runs around 4-6 weeks.

What's my role in this, what do you need from me?

You need to help us craft the message and tone of the website so it's aligned with your broader marketing strategy. You need to provide information about your business, people, products, and services as needed. If you have input on the design direction, we'll need that as well.

We'll need your formal approval twice. First is the Scope Document, we'll both sign this so we're in agreement about what's included in your website. The second approval is the wireframe mockup to make sure we're on the same page before full code development begins.

Who writes all of the text for my website pages?

It depends, though it's usually a joint process. Some of our clients have a specific voice they want to use and choose to provide most of the copywriting. Other clients provide a high level communication strategy and ask us to fill in the gaps.

Typically, we'll collect information from you during the kickoff and layout phases. We'll use that to start the copywriting process, reaching out for clarification if needed. Once the drafts are complete we'll ask you to review all text to make sure we're accurately reflecting your business and goals. We'll update the page texts using your final tweaks and edits.

If you have extensive copywriting needs (for example, a complete catalog of product descriptions) we'll ask you to provide those texts, or we can provide pricing for extended copywriting in the Scope Document. 

I don't have a domain (website name), can you help with that?

Yes. We're really good at finding available domain names. There are still great website names out there, even ones ending in .com. We have the tools and techniques to help you find something that works for your business or organization. 

I already have a domain, can you use it?

Yes. If you've already bought a domain (your website name, usually ending in .com) we can help you configure it so it points to your new website.

Can I use a custom email address ending with @mydomain.com?

Yes. Sending email from your business's domain name (instead of @gmail.com) instantly lends credibility and professionalism to your business.

We can give you a hand getting this set up on your computer and phone. 


Do I need a web host? How much is that?

Every website needs a host. The host is where your site content (the text, code, and images) lives so other people can see it on their computers and phones.

If you'd like us to handle hosting, then our Autopilot service includes this. In addition to hosting, Autopilot also provides a full range of other managed services so you can focus on your business instead of worrying about security vulnerabilities.

You don't need to use our Autopilot service for hosting, we're happy to use any host of your choice. The most basic hosting plans typically start around $15 per month and go up based on whether you want a dedicated or shared server, and how capable that server is.  If you choose to take care of hosting on your own, you should be prepared to dedicate some time to maintaining your site.

Let us know if you have questions about hosting. We can provide honest guidance whether you use us or someone else.

How many visitors should I get after the site launches?

That's largely up to you. We'll do all the work to build and launch your site but you'll need to get the buzz out there.

During kickoff we'll provide you with a marketing plan that has proven successful for promoting website launches. You're welcome to use that plan however you'd like. 

If you need some help driving traffic to your site after it's been launched, our Autopilot service can leverage your new website investment to find you new customers.

How long until I'm on the first page of Google?

This is a complex question that doesn't have a single answer. We've had clients get to the first page for their main keywords within 3 days of launching. We've also had websites take 3 months for Google to show them on the first page.

It would be dishonest for any company to guarantee they'll get you to the first page of Google for your main keywords right away. Some of your keywords might have significant competition from companies with huge marketing budgets and years of campaigns.

Search engine placement is a constantly evolving landscape and the conversation for each client is different based on their keywords and competition.

Who owns the website?

You do. Upon final payment you are assigned all right, title, and interest to all works created. You're free to use any graphics or images we create however and wherever you want.

Any 3rd-party assets used (for example, stock photos or plugins) will have their rights cleared and licensed for use on your website with no further obligation or royalties due.

Once the site is deployed, can I update it myself?

Yes. You're welcome to update the site whenever you want. We use Content Management Systems (usually Wordpress) that make it very easy to modify or add things to your website. You'll receive an Owners Manual when the site is finished with instructions on how to perform site updates. It's similar to using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

For clients that already have too much to do, our Autopilot service takes care of all of that for you.

Will you do SEO after the site is done?

Our Autopilot service provides ongoing Search Engine Optimization activities to keep new customers coming to your website. 

Will you manage my social media accounts?

We'll get things integrated, but that's it. We'll set up your website to display content from your social media channels (for example, show off pictures from your Instagram feed on your website). We'll let people follow you on social media right from your website. We'll also set it up so that web content like articles can be shared on your social media accounts and your visitors' social media accounts.

But that's the extent our involvement with social media. We don't log into your accounts and post content. If that's something you need, we've worked with some very talented social media managers and would be happy to provide a recommendation.

No commitment conversation

We’re always interested in talking. Let’s have a discussion about your needs and goals. We’d be happy to provide some honest guidance. 

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