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Autopilot is a recurring all-inclusive monthly service for our Pro Website customers

After we build your Pro Website, let us manage the day-to-day operations of your site so you get the most out of your investment. We’ll provide the ongoing staff, strategy, maintenance, and content to get your site in front of new customers every month.

From information security and infrastructure management, to bug fixing and design enhancements, we’ll manage every aspect of your website throughout its lifecycle so you can rest easy. 

Autopilot includes everything your website needs to thrive.

With Autopilot, your site is always fast

Premium Hosting

Included with Autopilot:



When you subscribe to Autopilot, we host your website in Google Cloud’s datacenter. We then set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Cloudflare so your site content is mirrored on multiple servers throughout the country.

This ensures your website loads lightning fast no matter where your customers are. It can also protect against malicious attacks like Denial of Service (DDoS).

When your business has its breakout moment or goes viral, rest easy knowing that your site can handle the traffic.

With Autopilot, your site is always safe

Active Security

Included with Autopilot:

Threat scanning

Software testing

Nightly backups

With Autopilot, we run a continuously evolving defense to keep up with growing security threats.

We run hourly scans to ensure no new vulnerabilities or attack vectors threaten your website.

As new software and plugin versions are released, we’ll validate the new code in a dedicated test environment of your website and then deploy to production.

We’ll also create nightly backups of your website to ensure that your site and current information is always safe.

With Autopilot, your site is always relevant

Strategic Content

Included with Autopilot:

SEO keyword analysis

Custom content

Autopilot also includes an aggressive offense to continuously place your business in front of new audiences.

Each month we use SEO tools to see what your customers are searching for. We then create a custom piece of content just for your company to divert and attract those audiences to your business.

The monthly content we create can be an article, infographic, how-to guide, etc.

By constantly adding new content to your site, we’re feeding SEO algorithms at Google so your site is more relevant and higher ranked in searches. 

With Autopilot, your site is always up to date

Continuous Improvements

Included with Autopilot:

Monthly udpates

A/B testing

Local listing audits

Accountability report

Autopilot futureproofs your website and keeps it from becoming stale. Each month you can request a new change – update info, add a product, etc.

We constantly conduct A/B tests on design elements and conversion components, ensuring your website is always at peak efficiency. 

Every month we audit your overall web presence to make sure local directories (like Google MyBusiness) are up to date.

You’ll receive a monthly Accountability Report showing performance and growth metrics for each Autopilot service.

Autopilot grows your business and keeps you safe,
without having to lift a finger.

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